Sunday, 18 March 2007

Selebri-T Intaviewzzz

Never in my wildest dreams when starting this blog did I think that I would find such a gem for my very first blog. I found CG Vega on Youtube, this particular video of his has had a total of 25 views since the 10th of November 2006. You gotta love this guy for taking the piss out of himself (I think??) but shit... this is arb, man..

after exploring old CG's offerings a little further, I was even more confused by this video entitled "Rolphing in Afrikaans"...

Now as far as I knew, Rolph was a guy from my school and I really didn't understand at all until I found this, which turned out to be the original video which CG had made a video response to..

ha... the Americans were funny... but this is all too much for me.

1 comment:

Geo said...

Hey. this is CGVega. figured out how to get to the pages where people are linking my videos.

seems harmless enuff! did u at least like my south african facts?