Monday, 26 March 2007

Guy of the week.

I've decided that every week I will endevour to bring you my prestigious "Guy of the week" award. Every week, I will select a person who I feel has made an impact on me. This week will be based soley on a gut instinct as I do not have any information on this guy, in fact he came to me in a random google image search and I've kept him around ever since. It's hard to describe, I guess...I guess he just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Shamepies. Anyway, without furthr adu, I present to thee.... *bum* bum* buuuuum*...


GUY OF THE WEEK (*echo....echo*)Image Hosting by

Oh yes, by the bye... The Photo is labeled "Lappies" so I can only speculate that this might be the name of our beloved first Guy of the week! and Lappies... if you're still alive... please don't come and kick my ass. Thanks.

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