Sunday, 18 March 2007

Violet Moyo

My friend showed me this masterpiece a few months ago, it's a muic video by performance artist and remixer Violet Moyo. I didn't think anyone would have the same feeling for the video as me, I didn't even think anybody else had seen it and I kinda forgot about it. Then I was trawling through Myspace as one does when one should be working... and I came across my mate Gabi's profile... she had the video posted on her main page... since this reminder I have been watching it a little obsesivly, up to 50 times a day it might sound weird but there is just something about her gracefull movement and silky voice that just wont let me tear myself away from her. There is just something about the combination of such beauty and quality music in a woman that I will never be able to utter... anyway, let me not ramble any further here is "Crazy" by Violet Moyo. Enjoy, but rember... she's mine.

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