Tuesday, 17 April 2007

So I'm posting this while watching the cricket. Not my usual routine but I make exceptions for World Cup games. I guess I'm a bit of a poser in this repect but I do have a hint of patriotism in my bones when it comes to sport. I will continue this cliche a little further to say that I was one of the many, who followed the 1995 Rugby World Cup, I was even at the final match. It gave me a huge sense of pride to see the public reaction after the last match. It was the first time in my head that I had a clear vision of what the future of our country could be like. I think that unity between all people is something that continuously bubbles just under the surface and will one day make our country a great great place. Something has come to my attention, and it's a dark dark force which could ruin our country is this thing...
What the fuck is it? Is it a rat? Is it a ferret? My friend CHRIS and I had a discusion recently, where he informed me that if anyone had to ask why he cancelled his contract with Vodacom it would be because of this little critter. What marketing rep ever could have approved that first ever ad with the little rat shaking his ass in front of the camera and then starting to pull off pieces of his fur. The worst part is that we are all forced into watching ads about a Meerkat with sexual undertones!! what crack addict advertising executive would come up with that? It's beyond me. The only explination I can come up with is that sometime, somewhere, in some deep dungeon of Vodaworld, some exec smoked way too much crack one night and said "I've got it! We'll make a Meerkat called Mo that dances around and takes his fur off! Brilliant!" and the entire rest of the Vodacom creative team all had car accidents and were in comas from the time he decided to start making ads and then when they woke up the damage was done and they all moved to ther cellular companies and let crack man rule the airwaves with annoying songs and wierd sex nuts Meercats. That's what I think happened. And I'm sure there are people ou there who are like "Ag shampies... it's a cute little thing" but they are wrong... this is a cute Meerkat - this is what the little critter should look like... why does this guy deserve such bad press from Mo? huh? Shame! Ag Shampies! Nee!

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